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Dear A-C Swimming Pool Families and Patrons,

Recently guidelines were put forth by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Health and the CDC, that would allow swimming pools to open in a limited capacity.  We, as a board, have had a lot communication back and forth, as to whether it was feasible to open after seeing those guidelines.  We were prepared as stated on our Facebook and Web page to put out a survey to get your input.  However, in preparation for the survey after researching guidelines, talking to other community pools, and taking a hard look at our financing, we have decided to close the pool for the 2020 summer swim season. 

In order for the pool to open, 3 criteria would have needed to be met; safety for you the members, safety for our employees, and the ability to handle the economic impact of a shortened season.  To effectively have met the safety guidelines for our members and employees, we believe we would have had to implement an abundance of changes in procedures, and use of the facilities as dictated by the state and the CDC.   Some of those would have included the use of masks, social distancing, and very limited pool usage just to name a few.  We also believe we would have needed to restrict areas of the pool such as the locker rooms, use of picnic tables, and pavilions.  Our pool membership would have had to support the costs for additional staffing, higher chemical use, purchase of additional cleaning supplies, as well as personal protective equipment. Those and our normal costs were estimated to be nearly $80,000 for the period of July to August. The loss of revenue from not allowing guests, a mandated closure of the refreshment stand, as well as the loss of swim lesson revenue, would have made it even more difficult from a financial aspect.  The uncertainty of not knowing the possible revenue from memberships, as well as perhaps being ordered to close again at any time, due to a spike in positive COVID-19 cases in the county, was determined to be too overwhelming.

We, as a board, did not feel that we could adequately meet all 3 of the above-mentioned criteria for safely opening the A-C pool.  Therefore, we came to the difficult decision that the pool needed to remain closed for the 2020 summer season.  Again, this was not an easy decision. We saw your messages on Facebook, as well as heard from many of you personally. We do recognize the importance the pool plays in providing a place of recreation for our community.  We understand the value of places like the pool, even now more than ever during these times. But to ensure that the pool is able to continue as that place in the future, the decision to close for this year was deemed unfortunately necessary.  We hope to be doing some needed maintenance/improvements to the pool during our closed time so that we will be ready to go for next summer! 

We appreciate your kindness, support, and patience throughout this process.  If you have already paid for this year, you may apply it to your membership for the 2021 season.  No action is necessary if you choose this option.  You may also request a refund by contacting Melody at Cleona Borough Hall, by calling 717-272-7167, between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Thank you again for your understanding.

We hope you have a safe and happy summer.  We look forward to seeing you for the 2021 season!

A-C Rec. Board of Directors